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How To Introduce Kids To An Eco Friendly & Sustainable Lifestyle?

July 22, 2022 | 7 mins | Tasneem

It’s never too late to start teaching kids about eco-friendly practices. Even if we’ve led a less-than-eco lifestyle, it’s still possible to show kids how to live in harmony with the natural world and protect it for future generations. Together we can make a big difference in our world! 

Environmental issues can be overwhelming and daunting, thus becoming hard for young children to grasp. But what children need to know is that caring for the planet always starts with fulfilling small tasks and that everything they do, both big and small, can make a difference. Kids tend to be very caring and compassionate so, when presented with the idea of being able to save an animal or make a positive change for nature, they will naturally be interested and onboard.

Raising children who embrace ecological concepts and practices is becoming increasingly important as we realize how much our daily choices impact the environment. That’s why it’s essential to teach kids ecologically friendly habits early. These simple habits and concepts will help kids love and take care of the environment.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

Reduce Reuse & Recycle

Reduce, reuse and recycle. It may sound familiar because it is a phrase we often hear. Many simple tasks like carrying their own reusable cutlery, water bottles and bags, reusing gift wrapping papers to repack gifts and for craft projects can help children learn about and implement the three Rs in their lives. 

Connect With Nature:

Connect with nature

To foster the love of nature in kids, be sure to schedule some outdoor outings to the forest, local nature reserves or parks where they can engage with the natural environment. Going to the zoo to see the animals that have been impacted by climate change and conservation efforts could also be a good way to educate kids about nature.

Lead By Example:

Parents are powerful role models for young kids so leading by example is one of the best ways to teach kids to care about conservation, recycling, and eco-friendly practices. By making eco-friendly choices in how we shop, live, and travel, we can set a great example for our kids to replicate.

Ditch Single-Use Items:

Children can help to spot the alternatives to plastic when shopping by looking for bamboo, glass, metallic and ceramic alternatives to daily use products. Creating awareness and explaining plastic's harmful impacts on the environment and natural life in a child-friendly way will help kids ditch single-use plastic items.


Walk or Bike to School:

bike to school

Taking the time to walk or bike with kids to school can be a chance to bond with them and get in some exercise before the workday.




Gardening is a great way to nurture the skill of caring for our environment and taking responsibility for our actions. Balcony and windowsill pots are ideal and fun ways to grow plants any time of the year.


DIY Projects:

DIY Projects

Include recyclable or reusable objects like cardboard boxes, toilet rolls, plastic and glass bottles while planning DIY craft projects with kids. It will keep kids busy and teach them that not everything should be put in the trash right after use. 


Support Local:

allBambu Tote Bag

Buy local seasonal fruits and vegetables with minimal packaging as it supports local farmers and helps to reduce carbon emissions associated with food delivery.


Conserve Water & Electricity:

conserve water

Teach kids to conserve water by not leaving the tap running while brushing their teeth and being careful of water use when taking baths. Also, educate them to turn off the lights and their devices when not in use.


Reduce food wastage:

reduce food wastage

Get children used to checking the food stock in the pantry and fridge before grocery shopping to make sure older items are used up before buying new items. Also freeze fruits, vegetables and meat that may be in excess to use later.

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