The simplest solution to plastic pollution is to refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and repeat.


We are proud to be certified!

We are proud to be certified!

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The allBambu Story

The allBambu Story

We are passionate about the environment! Our products are made with love and care for people and the planet. Learn about the eco-lifestyle and what allBambu stands for!

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Customer Reviews

My favourite tea mug

"Let me first mention that I've owned multiple tea mugs that have had these drop-in infusers and lids. Usually, when I find them they are ceramic and work well enough. This glass one is easily my favourite of them all. It is amazing how hot, or cold the double wall keeps any beverage, especially with the lid on. The mug itself is extremely light, it feels practically lighter than air, yet the base is heavy enough that I've never tipped it over. The infuser is wider and easier to clean than other drop-in infusers I've used. You can very easily use these to make single cups of iced tea by pouring in your tea and hot water, then tossing the mug in the fridge for a few hours. Add some ice and voila. Excellent gifts. I'm buying another one for myself right now."

Moldy inside

"I'm super disappointed. Mold is growing inside despite description that there are holes for air flow. I even used it without the lid on to increase drying."

Looks Amazing

"I am thrilled with my recent purchase of these bamboo coasters. They arrived today and exceeded my expectations in terms of durability and quality. The engraving was precise as requested and added a personal touch to the coasters. The included holder is a convenient bonus, making storage and organization a breeze."

Richard Clarke

"my brush arrived so quickly and im super happy with it! it got rid of all my tangles in my thin(ish) hair much faster compared to my plastic bristled combs, which always tend to leave my hair with so much static and split ends. it’s very good quality and i would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to buy!!!!"

Highly Recommend!

"I was absolutely thrilled with the brush I received. It is even more stunning in person than I had imagined. The craftsmanship is top-notch and my daughter loves it as well."

Linda James

Take Action Now

Take Action Now

Are you ready to take a small but mighty step to go green and prevent plastic pollution?

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Sustainability Matters

Sustainability Matters

Did you know some species of bamboo hold a Guinness World Record! Bamboo is among of the most renewable resource on the planet, it can grow up to 3-4 feet a day!

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