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We are proud to be certified!

We are proud to be certified!

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The allBambu Story

The allBambu Story

We are passionate about the environment! Our products are made with love and care for people and the planet. Learn about the eco-lifestyle and what allBambu stands for!

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Customer Reviews

Reliable And Tasty

"This is a gentle and durable floss with a delicious fruity flavour."

Best Hair Tool!

"Nothing worked for my thick frizzy hair, until this comb, WOW! Brushing it through feels amazing, it doesn't pull out hair and feels so sturdy in the hand."

Shelly Hui
Very Impressed!

"I have thick hair and get tangled all the time. After using the bamboo wide comb I feel my frizziness is in control and my hair looks smooth and tangle-free Which is so hard with my hair type!"


"Absolutely adore this brush, it's perfect for my thick hair, looks great on my dresser and is really excellent quality so I know it's going to last!"

Perfect brush

"This brush feels amazing on my scalp and hair, it’s made well and it’s environmentally friendly."

Fatima M

Take Action Now

Take Action Now

Are you ready to take a small but mighty step to go green and prevent plastic pollution?

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Sustainability Matters

Sustainability Matters

Did you know some species of bamboo hold a Guinness World Record! Bamboo is among of the most renewable resource on the planet, it can grow up to 3-4 feet a day!

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