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allBambu's Eco Gift Set is an ideal gift for you and your loved ones on the list who wants to help make a positive change in their everyday life without compromising on quality.

Our Eco Gift Set includes:

  • Premium Bamboo Toothbrush x 1
  • Pack of 2 Bamboo Smoothie Straw x1 
  • Bamboo Hairbrush x 1
  • 30m Eco Dental Floss (Choose from Mint or Strawberry Bubblegum)

The Gift Set is wrapped with eco-friendly ribbons and includes a tag. Ready to be gifted!

* Promo codes do not apply on Zero Waste Bundles.

Product Specifications

  • Box Dimension: 23 x 17 x 7 cm
  • Weight: .300 gm

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