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Going Zero Waste With Your Wardrobe

Jan. 16, 2020 | 7 mins | Zainab M.

The latest fashion and awesome bargains can make us weak in the knees! It is hard to break our habits despite our good intentions. Those are the times when we could visualize all the beautiful things in our wardrobe and resist the urge for fast fashion or perhaps consider creative zero waste ways to get a similar look.  Here is some food for thought:

  1. Buy second-hand clothing.

  2. Clothing swaps are a great way to update your wardrobe and find a home for items you don't wear any longer.

  3. Be ruthless on fit, if it fits well, you’re most likely to wear it.

  4. Donate unworn pieces.

  5. Keep some of your worn-out clothes for rags. 

  6. Learn a few sewing tricks (like shortening a hem or darning).

  7. Keep a handkerchief in your purse/bag.

  8.  Make your clothes last longer by washing at lower temperatures.

  9.  Choose natural fibers or recycled synthetics as much as you can. 

The goal is to do the best you can with the options available to you and the resources you have. There is a lot to learn as you go and there’s always a next time to do a little bit better.